Your organized sales 

With Grupo Jarsa you will revolutionize the organization and operation of your business

Focus on the customer experience 

Automate your tasks with Odoo

  • Process your orders.
  • Manage your inventories.
  • Keep your attention focused on the customer.

Solutions that adapt to your needs
No matter what your store Grupo Jarsa is for you

Instant Accounting

Stop worrying about your finances thanks to our powerful accounting tool.
Invoice instantly, keep track of expenses and generate
your financial reports effectively.

Inventory always updated

Keep your stock under control in real time, carry
Stock tracking, reorder products and generate reports.

Point of Sale 

Process sales and track inventory in
real time of your physical stores


Get a complete view of your financial activities with a powerful financial management system.

  • Sell ​products​
  • Create product catalogs
  • Process orders
  • Manage shipments and returns

Everything from your mobile device

It is easy to take control of your company, optimizing operations
daily from anywhere.

"Working with Grupo Jarsa is to be sure that limits do not exist"

 El chalán • Ruben Díaz


Department store

Assign items in the simplest way, have complete control of billing and inventory.

Point of Sale

Ease of use, with interface
web in touch terminals.


Interactions between
different channels.

Loyal Customers

Loyalty programs applicable indistinctly in stores or 


Current and available stock
controlled at all times.


Automated management with rules, complemented by specific manual requests with a central warehouse.

User Management

Individual users, with defined roles. Plan shifts and order sales commissions.


Updated vision
of the business in real time. From any device.

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